Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Someone to come alongside

I shared something with Living Room facilitators and supporters that I thought would be good to share here as well.

One thing that contributed to the depression I've recently recovered from was that I felt overwhelmed by all that Living Room brought me: people to support, interest by others - far and wide - to start up a group. A few weeks ago I even heard from someone in Pretoria, South Africa, eager to start a group.

"This kind of work is not something a person should be doing on her own," I thought to myself. I felt alone and burdened, finding myself unable to do more than absolute essentials. Depressed. I felt a need for a team, or at least a partner, to come alongside me and walk with me through this adventure and its responsibilities. I complained to my church and asked for prayer to help someone materialize.

And here I'll quote the letter I wrote to Living Room supporters last Thursday:

"God answered the prayers of my friends, but not in the way I had thought He would. My depression did lift and I learned to trust God again. Once more He gave me a 'firm place to stand,' as He has so many times before. And God showed me that my thinking had been all wrong. I'd had entirely the wrong perspective. Living Room is not my own work at all. It's God's work. And I am the one who has to come alongside Him. That's the kind of trust that Living Room was built on. That's the kind of trust in God that gave me the courage to do what I've carried out up to now. God is the One who created Living Room.

"The beautiful thing is that I no longer feel alone. I no longer find the work a burden. Amazing what trusting God can do for you, eh? With Him all things are possible. Through Him our weakness can become strength."


Nancie said...

Amen, Marja! Thank God for helping you to see things in a different perspective. Glad you no longer feel alone. I am also learning to do so daily in work that I am doing for our Lord. It is wonderful to remember that God is the One doing all the great works and we are instruments in His hands. So we are not alone! And with Him all things are possible.

May He continue to bless your labours of love for Him and His people at Living Room and show you great and mighty things as you look to Him.

Thanks for your constant prayers and encouragements.

With love and prayers,

marja said...

Hi Nancie,

So good to have you as a friend, someone who is on the same wavelength as me, someone who trusts God too. You encourage me. Thank you.

Love - marja

sbwrites said...

Dear Marja,
Sorry you were feeling burdened. Glad to hear you're feeling better.


marja said...

Hi Susan, Yes, I AM feeling much better. But I also feel I very much need to pace myself.
- marja

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm in Brisbane, Australia, and you have given me a lot to work with.We are not alone.And you do not labour in vain.

Go after that lost sheep; you are equiped to do so.


marja said...

Thanks, Steve, way down under. I appreciated your comment.