Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daisies galore

Yesterday morning I sat once more on the patio in my muskoka chair enjoying my delicious quiet time as the day broke. Waiting - my camera ready - for the sun to rise over the cedars to illuminate the daisies. Hoping that I would be able to capture the little finches - or whatever those little birds are that have been coming around - as they played amongst those flowers I love so much.

But alas, all that came was a hummingbird, buzzing for a moment by the fuschias. And then, lo and behold, a raccoon came down out of the cedars, walking towards me. I managed a quick shot of it.

Later, while I was on my third mug of coffee, the light on the daisies was good and I was able to shoot them at their best. They're wonderful, even if there aren't any little birds playing amongst them. Such a clean beauty - such free flowers - such an expression of joy.

I'm so grateful for this peaceful morning time - time to enjoy God's creation and experience His presence.

On a not-so-wonderful note: My 96-year-old mother is in hospital, probably with a blood clot in her lungs. Also a heart problem. Our holiday is cancelled and life has become a bit strange. A focus on Mom while trying to enjoy some rest, even if we can't go away.

Yet I'm thankful for these quiet times. Thankful for the joy my daisies bring.


Spin said...

Daisies are my ABSOLUTE favorite flower - and your pictures are gorgeous!!

I have started a new blog, if you are interested in taking a look!

marja said...

Hi Spin,

Thank you for visiting. Hope you're doing ok. Yes, I will soon come and look at you new blog.

Love and prayers,

JC said...

I love your daisies. I have some pictures that i've taken of daisies and they are well.... pitiful. :)
I miss you my Marja.
Thinking of you lots :) Love you. xoxo

marja said...

Ah Jane! So good to hear from you. Wish I could get together with you again one day. I miss you too.

Love, marja