Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An award - wow!!

Hi everyone. I need to share with you some exciting news. Something happened that blew me away. Two days ago I received a call from the executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division, telling me they were honouring me with their Outstanding Community Volunteer Award. I'll copy here what she sent me in an email:

"The Board of Directors of the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division would like to honour you with our Outstanding Community Volunteer Award for your dedication and commitment to creating better understanding and support for people with a mental illness through your work in faith communities. Your establishment of the Living Room, a church-based peer support group for people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders is an example of creativity, innovation and support. Your approach to partnership with the Mood Disorders Association of BC to ensure there were trained facilitators and appropriate resources is an example of building on the strengths of existing mental health resources to reach out to a broader community. You have made a difference not only in your life but in the lives of many. You have made the discussion not only ok but safe and supportive in the faith community. THANK-YOU on behalf of the volunteers, staff and branches of CMHA throughout BC."

I've been feeling dazed ever since I heard. It's so humbling to be recognized in this way. So good to know that my work has been noticed and that it is considered important.

At the dinner they want me to talk about what a difference Living Room has made in my life. How have I been changed by it? How have I changed in the process of helping other people?

It will take some thought to answer that well. But I know one thing. I will have to tell them how I have had to rely on God in a big way. I could not have done the work I've done without His power, without receiving strength from Him by going to Him daily. Living Room is God's work and not my work at all. All I've had to do is be His hands and voice for Him as I followed where He led. It's the only way I could have done the work I've been doing. I could not have done this on my own.

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