Monday, June 03, 2013

He loves we are

Hi everyone,
I've got to explain. The last post, published a few days ago, left a lot to be desired. With the help of my Port Moody Creative writing group, I've changed it to this. I will delete the original. 
Mephibosheth ate at David's table like one of the king's sons.
...and he was crippled in both feet.
Mephibosheth bowed down and said,
"What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?"
                                                                            2 Samuel 9:11,13,8
I see such beauty in this portrayal of King David's acceptance and caring for his friend Jonathan's son, though he was badly disabled. Such beauty, knowing that God does that for us as well. Aren't we all like Mephibosheth? We're all broken to some degree. Everyone, whether we're dealing with physical illness or mental health issues. And as God's children, we are treated royally. In spite of any shame we might feel, God invites us to eat with Him at His table. What a wonderful thing!
Many years ago, during a time when I was seeking God, I took this candid picture of a girl talking to her friend seated in a wheelchair. Although the boy could only make guttural sounds in an effort to talk, she met him where he was and answered him with similar sounds. She was connecting with him in a very loving way.
The photos I managed to get of the interchange moved me deeply. Two publications wanted to publish the photos, but I was in tears as I tried to sort out who I should sell them to. I wanted whoever published the story to regard it as precious, as I did.
But what was it in that picture that brought forth such emotion in me?
As I continued my search for God, the answer became clear. I'm the child in the wheelchair, and In the loving expression of the girl, I saw the face of Jesus.
He loves we are.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, what is different from the original? I only ask because I forwarded the original to a few friends.

By the way, I would just like to say hiw much of a help and comfort your blog has been to me. I am a Chrjstian who has just recently been diagnosed with major depressive illness and bipolar 2. It has been such a help reading your blogs, and I have been turning to them alot, especially in dark times. Thanks so much for being a wonderful servant of God!

marja said...

Hello Anonymous,

The main thing that's different is that I changed "One such as me" to "He loves we are." Some of the people in my writer's group took exception to that. Didn't think it very flattering. I don't feel totally the same way about it, but decided to change it. I also took out the Charles Spurgeon quote.

I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Just sorry I'm not writing there as much I used to. I'm focusing more on the Monday morning emails I send out - the reflections on Scripture. Have you signed up for that yet? If not, leave your email address at


Michelle said...

Thank you for this. It was very helpful. We are all Mephibosheth.

marja said...

I'm glad, Michelle. Welcome to my blog. Only wish I could write a lot more here.