Friday, September 07, 2007

The manuals are here!

After a lot of work, checking and re-checking, having checked by others, having them professionally edited and then beautifully printed, the two manuals are finally finished. They're sitting in open boxes in our hallway, where I can look at them as I pass and feel good about it all. I've received a lot of interest from people who want to have copies. How gratifying! And when I think of how much good this could end up doing...!

I promised to let you know the cost of these books (though they're only 20 and 24 pages, they're more than just booklets).

Creating Living Room helps people with mood disorders and church leaders learn the Living Room concept and how to set up a group. Cost: $2.50

Facilitating Living Room gives facilitators guidance and encouragement. Cost: $3.25.

Cost of postage and handling for one book or the two together is the same. Within Canada: $2.50. To the US: $4.00. That's under $10 for the two. We're only covering our costs.

If you would like to receive one or both copies, please email your name and address to me. An invoice will be included with your mailing. I'm Marja at

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I pray that the Lord will bless your undertakings and that more people will avail of the wonderful project that you are initiating. You have my 100% support for your project. God bless you more with all the wit, wisdom and love to become an even more valuable channel of His divine mercies and blessings.