Monday, January 25, 2010

No Bible study allowed

I want to let you know that I'm going away for a holiday in the sun, starting tomorrow and will be back in ten days. It will be good to have lots of time to relax and read...and maybe even write.

But before I go I want to talk to you about an interesting but unfortunate thing that happened.

A friend of mine is in hospital for depression and yesterday one of the patients got together about four other patients who wanted to do some Bible study together. A very neat thing, don't you think?

They had a fine time, reading and discussing the Sermon on the Mount. But after a while a nurse came and told them to break it up. Patients were not allowed to have gatherings like this.

Why is not known for sure. I do know that some psychiatrists feel that as soon as a patient mentions God it's an indication of illness. True, some mental patients have problems with being overly spiritual to the point of losing touch with reality and becoming psychotic. However, these doctors might not be aware of the great benefit faith has to a patient's mental state. They become overly paranoid as soon as he/she starts talking about spiritual things.

Fortunately some medical schools are now teaching courses on spirituality and its benefits to patients. Such a good thing!

If psychiatrists could only appreciate the great good faith can do! My faith in God has meant everything to me. It has made me what I am. It has given me the courage to do what I do. It helps me stay well. Faith does so much good!

Seems to me there are two parties who need to grow in understanding: Psychiatrists need to learn about spiritual things. And Christians need to learn about medical things. They need to come together and learn from each other.

It would be so good for those patients to have an opportunity to read the Bible together. They could support each other spiritually and get well sooner. I really believe that. Such a shame!


More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

I am sorry to hear that no Bible study is allowed in the hospital. Yes, the psychiatrists and the Christians need to learn from one another! Truly the psychiatrists have no ideas what a great difference a belief in God can make in one's life, especially for people who suffer from depression. I am thankful that we both have been helped much by God and His grace has been sufficient for us through all the changing scenes in our life, and also through all the ups and downs of our mood swing.

Without God, my life would be meaningless with all the confusion of the mood swings. But knowing that God loves me and He is in control, gives me peace and rest in Him.

Hope you have a very blessed holiday. Take care.


marja said...

Hi Nancie,

Yes, if medical people would only realize how very important faith can be to people's wellness. I agree with you. I feel the same way: It was only when I started to believe in God and trust Him that my life became truly meaningful.

We got back from our holiday today. Had a wonderful time. Now I'm eager to get back to work.