Saturday, September 18, 2010

Talk about disorganization!!

Hi guys,

Gotta share something with you. Next week the proverbial "poop" is going to hit the ceiling at my home. With so much happening in my life right now. With such trouble staying organized already, with a big award to accept next Friday and needing to at least look cool calm and collected for it, things are going to be upside down at my house. Will you pray for me?

The ceiling in the dining area of our kitchen was damaged due to a roof leak months ago. Now it has to come down, with loose insulation from above it coming down with it. A new ceiling has to be put up. We have someone coming next Wednesday and the work will take about a week to complete.

That means emptying out that area of the kitchen from everything in there - the cabinets with dishes, cookbooks, all the junk that has collected over the past many many years we've lived here. And I will start having to pack up china as soon as I can, not leave it to the last minute - because things are always coming up that need more urgent attention.

And there will be dust!! Oh, will there be dust! Seeping into everything. Will we even be able to stand living here while this is going on? Don't know about me. Maybe I'll live in my bedroom for awhile. That's always a good place to hide away in.

...and on top of all that, we'll be putting up fresh wallpaper (which we still have to select) new carpeting, new window covering, and a new light fixture (my husband no longer likes the macrame one I made years ago).

I don't do well with stress. about stress.

Well, at least this morning, during my quiet time, I was able to write up an acceptance speech to give at the award ceremony on Friday. It will take some editing I'm sure, to make it truly ready, but the pressure on me for that has pretty well evaporated.

Today is housecleaning day. A day to be domestic. How I welcome Saturdays! Time to tidy up the many messes that have accumulated over the week. I've put on some of my favourite music. Can play it loud today since my husband is out for awhile. I'm not bothering anybody.

And maybe I'll even be able to start packing away some dishes today. I'd be ahead of the game.

Next week WILL come together - with some good planning - and keeping God at my side.

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