Monday, November 01, 2010

Mom at 96

Last week I took my camera when I visited Mom. I had wanted to photograph her for a long time. At 96 she still has such a wonderful spirit, in spite of her dementia. "Pleasantly confused" is what the staff at her home call it. How fortunate I am that she is still so good to visit!

In spite of her old age and her 25% vision, Mom will not put her crocheting down. She absolutely needs something in her hands to do. If she didn't she would feel useless. And she's not ready to be useless. So she makes afghans for babies, as well as some for adults.

The yarn she's working on in these pictures is not the easiest to work with. She complains about how it keeps splitting as she works. I've offered to buy some different yarn for her, so she can leave this project and work on something easier and more pleasant. But no, true to her spirit she is determined not to let this blue yarn go to waste. So she perseveres. I admire Mom's perseverance. She doesn't give up, even when things get difficult. I've seen her work for hours, trying to unravel a tangled ball of yarn, not wanting any to go to waste.

It makes me wonder, is that where I got my perseverance from? Is that how I inherited my never-giving-up attitude about the work I'm engaged in? Is that where I got my desire to always make new things happen? Whether it be photography or a writing project? Is that - together with my dad's equally creative spirit - how I came to be the person I am? I don't doubt it.

And, I mustn't forget her joyful spirit. She frequently feels lonely. Not many visitors, no friends left, fairly immobile. Yet she remains cheerful - most of the time - friendly towards the other residents in the home, not needing much to bring on a smile. She does love people. Something else I've inherited from her.

Today I feel fortunate for what my parents have given me. They weren't perfect parents - as, I suppose few are - but I need to be thankful. For they helped make me what I am.


By Janice said...

Hi Marja,
what a lovely photo of your mom, she sure looks good for a "sweet little old lady"!
How blessed you are to have her around for so long and to recognize what characteristic traits you have inherited from her and your dad.

marja said...

Thanks, Janice. I'm so glad I got these pictures.


Eva Geranton said...

What an absolute doll! She made me smile with her picture! Great reminder!
BTW..your book has been like the holy grail for me as I figure out my illness..thank you for it!

marja said...

Thank you, Eva. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos...and my mom's wonderfully child-like spirit.

Glad too that you read my book and enjoyed it. Which one did you read? A Firm Place to Stand or Riding the Roller Coaster?

More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your mum. She is such a sweet dear lady! I am sure it's a joy for anyone to meet her. She has such a sweet and warm smile :)

Thank God for giving you such lovely parents and giving all of you the many wonderful gifts of perseverance, creativity, cheerfulness, loving people, friendliness and always being busy serving Him and other people. You are truly blessed!

Thinking of you,

marja said...

Thank you, Nancie. So neat to have been able to get these picture of her. Glad you enjoyed them.