Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reaching out

I had a call from someone I didn't know last night. She had huge anxieties and depression and was reaching out. Looking for someone who could give her an answer to her problems. Looking for someone who could alleviate the pain. And yet, all I could do was to listen with compassion. I could have prayed with her as well, and am sorry I didn't. Somehow I didn't feel I understood her well enough at the time to be able to pray. I should have tried though. But I was tired and all I could do was listen.

She reminded me of myself when I'm deeply depressed. Then I also reach out, looking for someone who might be able to help me. Looking for someone who can take away the pain. And yet, there is so little we can do for each other in cases like that, isn't there? Except to show each other we care and to remind each other of God's love. And assure each other that this pain won't last forever. That doesn't help much though. When you're deeply depressed it feels like it will never go away. Hard to believe otherwise. You cannot see the light. You cannot feel hope.

How we long for someone to just fix us when things are so bad! It's so hard to trust in the pills, in the doctor...and even in God. So hard to believe in a better future! And yet it is trusting - it is believing - that does help you recover. It takes time and patience.

This morning I'm praying for this lady out in the Valley. I'm praying she will recover soon. I'm praying she will believe that she will recover. That God is there for her, looking after her. Just wish I'd done that last night, while she was on the phone with me.


Mira said...

Sometimes, just listening does a lot of wonders for the one being listened to, even without the prayer. Of course prayer is natural and excellent, but it still works even if you didn't do it right then and there. Just a thought - even Jesus didn't pray right then and there for everyone he reached out to, though he always made it a point to listen. :)

marja said...

Welcome to my blog, Mira. And thank you for your understanding. Yes, I AM glad I took the time to listen. I did do that much.

Spin said...

It is great that you were able to be a listening ear for the lady that called you. It says what comes around goes around... We reach out to others, and others reach out to us. God designed us to live that way.

Being listened to and understood is a basic human need - you provided her with that.

marja said...

Hey Spin!

I know I listened, but still we should have left it all with God. I always feel better when we do that.

St. John's Lutheran Church said...

Hi, I'm glad I found your blog. I also live with a bipolar condition and I am in ministry. After reading your blog I want to tell you not to be so hard on yourself. Just having a conversation with this depressed lady was a form of prayer. You were a comfort in her darkness - something we all look for who get depressed. God bless you for speaking out for those of us that journey through our ups and downs.

marja said...

Welcome to my blog, St. John's. I'm glad you found me too. Thank you for the encouragement.

M. Caron said...

Dearest Marja, thank you so much for your encouraging words and for leaving them for me at thebipolarchristian.blogspot.com! I cannot tell you enough how uplifted I felt after reading your words. You are beautiful and your work is outstanding. I look forward to following your blog and being encouraged by your words. I am forever grateful to you Marja and I trust you to the awesome care of God's unlimited power and love. With love and great admiration for you, M. Caron

marja said...

Dear M.

Thank you for visiting. It's people like you who encourage me to keep blogging. I tend to be kind of lazy about it. But I'm always happy when I've posted something. And it's so neat to meet someone like you.