Thursday, May 12, 2011

Leaving for awhile

Just want to let you know that my husband and I will be off on a holiday for the next three weeks, so I won't be online.

My son and his wife and I were talking last night about what blogging should be. And, I'm sorry I haven't done very well at it lately. Not only haven't I posted; I haven't been visiting other people's blogs. I'm so very sorry! Don't know what's happened to me. Just haven't been able to focus on it. Too much off-line stuff in my life, I guess.

And yet, I know how important it is to keep those on-line ties. They were so important to me at one time. I made so many friends. And I know the blogging ties would still be important to me if I would just keep them up.

Ughh!! Sometimes I wish I had several lives that I could live: child photographer, Living Room organizer, peer counselor, writer, good wife, and fantastic blogger.

Maybe I should quit the blogging altogether. Maybe Facebook would work better for me at this stage of my life.



Jane said...

Looking back, I have wondered whether or not to abandon blogging. I think you should think of your blog as a journal that is alive and will always be there for you to write in when you are ready. No judgment. It's not about pleasing people. It's about speaking what's on your mind. Once you let go, and don't have this pressure, and understand you don't have to shut down your blog OR write in it all the time, it becomes a lot less stressful :) Keep it up, Marja. We love to hear from you, even if it's only when you can. Take care xo.

marja said...

Thank you for that, Jane. I'm sorry I didn't publish your comment till now, but we were already away when it came in. I got it in Greece, but when I tried to publish there, all I got was a Greek message!! Crazy.

You're right, it would be so good to continue this, esp since while we were away an email came from someone which I would like to answer online, hoping that other readers might benefit from it.

Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of readers benefit from your blog and would miss out if you switched entirely to facebook. You're blessing people so much here!

marja said...

Thank you so much, anonymous. I would really like to keep blogging too. Will just have to set some time aside for it.