Monday, September 05, 2011


We had some friends over a couple of nights ago - nonbelievers. And one of them fell into a discussion with me, expressing his problems with religion and Christianity. He felt very strongly about the apparent narrow-mindedness of Christians.

But, I told him, we shouldn't believe in religion. Religion is man-made. It's what people have put together. The rules are man-made and yes, many are narrow-minded and have lost their reason for being. What we need to look at is Jesus, not religion.

Jesus was a radical. He Himself was against the religion of the day and fought against its narrow-mindedness. The Pharisees and Sadducees could only see their own way. It was like they owned the law, rather than God Himself. They felt threatened by Jesus who tried to show them a better way.

Jesus taught how the most important law is to love God and love our neighbours, even if our neighbours turn out to be our enemies. All the laws of God were wrapped up in this one thing.

If people who feel turned off by Christianity could only look past the religion, and zero in on what's at the center - Jesus Himself. It's Jesus we're called to follow, not religion. And this probably means that we ourselves have to become somewhat radical as well.

There's nothing boring or narrow-minded about following Jesus.


miratemplen said...

Hi there :) I like what you said here.
May I re-post this in my blog, with a link to you?

marja said...

Hi Miratemplen,

Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you liked what I said, though it's rather radical. Yes, you're welcome to posting this on your blog. I'd be honoured.


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Jane said...

Awesome post, Marja! :)

marja said...
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marja said...

Thank you, Jane.

I will answer your email soon. It will take some thought and the right frame of mind for me. And that's not always available :)

Love, marja