Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mental illness on the streets

I'm doing so much better. Have I stabilized? We'll see. But for now I'm good and I thank God that I can continue working, unencumbered by a lot of negative emotions. Not high and not low.

On Thursday night I'm going to an event sponsored by the Mood Disorders Association of BC. The title of the topic is Mental Illness on the Streets: What can we do about it? What a worthwhile thing to discuss!

Psychiatrist Dr. Kathleen McGarvey will tell us that a person with a serious mental illness has a 70% possibility of being unemployed and may face discrimination from landlords when seeking rental housing, both of which may result in living with their illness on the streets.

Dr. McGarvey is on the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT), part of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

What I'll be interested in is "How can I help?" "Is there anything that we as individuals can do to create a better world for those who live with mental illness?"

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Anonymous said...

mentally ill and homeless is inevitable particularly if one is stigmatized by the forensic psychiatric services commission, with allegations of being "dangerous", and trying to live in rcmp territory. rcmp get paid "danger pay" for watching over people who have been stigmatized as "dangerous". even if the allegation is unfounded. That's why it's a mean joke, to call someone dangerous when you're lying.