Friday, September 21, 2012

Did I imagine when I started?

So often people ask me, "Did you imagine when you started Living Room that it would grow the way it has?" I know they expect me to say that "No, I totally hadn't expected it."

However, you know, I can't say that I didn't expect it. I think I did. I knew this was a big thing God was having me do. I knew that this was His work, not my own. So often I forgot that little detail, trying to do it on my own. And then, the fear and stress that resulted! The only way I could get my courage back was to remember that I was only God's footsoldier. Put one foot ahead of the other as God led. Be His instrument.

With God all things are possible. It's truly no surprise that Living Room has become what it is. And I pray that it will continue growing, giving Christian support to people living with mood disorders.

I want to share a dream I have and hope you will give me some feedback on it. I would love to start an online Living Room - in the form of a blog. The blog would deal with the kinds of topics we deal with at my Living Room group. Interactive discussions.

But I have fears. What if it doesn't work? What if I have trouble posting - as I've had trouble on this blog?

It would be a much different blog though, discussing how God can help us live our lives with mood disorders. I'm keen on these topics and have done a lot of work already developing such topics. I will ask how God has helped you...or not helped you. We will have to be honest.

Would you like a blog like that? It would be called Living Room Support.

I get so many emails from people wanting a group in their neighbourhood - needing a group. This will help serve their needs.


Noeline Piris-Maldonado said...

It takes a courage that overwhelms fear to do what you're doing under your circumstances--I know. Keep it up. You've touched me and countless others as I (we) emulate you in your struggle.

marja said...

Thank you for your very encouraging comment, Noeline. You made me feel good.