Monday, July 05, 2010


Just want to share a picture. No further grand theme to this post. Just want to touch base with bloggerland. There are a lot of stray cats wandering around in the Greek islands - most of them pretty mangy. This guy was begging for some tuna from the sandwich I was eating. I couldn't resist sharing some with him.

My mood? Getting over some decidedly low times last week. Strange, I had no problems in Greece. I think being in a lot of social situations like I tend to be here at home causes problems for me sometimes. I'm just too sensitive. And yet I love being around people. It's important to me to be around my friends. Go figure.


Synchronicity said...

Hey Marja!

I was thinking about you and I wrote about your blog over on My Depression Connection. You will have to stop by. I have missed you!

marja said...

Hi Merelyme,

Thank you so much for thinking of me. You encouraged me. Sorry I haven't been around more visiting you and others. Living Room stuff is keeping me pretty busy. There are around twelve groups now and more and more people wanting to discuss spirituality and mental health.