Thursday, July 12, 2007


The wonders of the internet! I was googling my name tonight and found out that my latest article, Mental Disorders: the Result of Sin?, has been translated into German and Spanish by a bipolar website. This is very exciting.

The editors were thrilled with the response this article got. There were 21 comments (4 of them my own). Some interesting stuff to read. Hope you'll have a look.

I'm working on some more articles for, and hope that these will also draw good interest. What a great way to get my message out to a Christian audience!

Tomorrow is a Living Room day and, as always, I look forward to our meeting. We're going to read and discuss one of our member's poem, The Cracked Vase. It's a wonderful piece about being real and has great depth. Don't know how many will come. So many are on holidays. We will set a smaller table - have a more intimate gathering.

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Dream Writer said...

I wrote for an ONLINE Magazine for about 3 years. And it is amazing to see our stuff in print, isn't it?

When you type in my REAL name I am all over the place. People have taken my work and reprinted it without my permission and at times I emailed these people to get it off their website.

If it reprinted too many times, you cannot sell it to "Real Print" places.