Monday, June 30, 2008

Looking forward

The invitations to my July 19th book launch have gone out. I'm looking forward to hearing who all is going to come. I've invited a huge mix of people: mental health professionals, fellow writers, friends, relatives, neighbors, leaders from my church, and - of course - Living Room people. Some will be Christians and others not at all so.

One person I've invited is my old boss, a person who gave me a job when he knew I had a diagnosis of schizophrenia (a diagnosis that turned out to be wrong) and I was freshly discharged from the mental hospital. He trusted me with some of the most challenging projects, something I have always been grateful for. He did much to help rehabilitate me and build my self-esteem. I met with him about a year ago, for the first time in thirty years. Wanted him to read what I had written about him in my book. I hope he comes. He's quite elderly now, but I would like to thank him in front of everyone.

Soon I will start planning what I will say and what I will read from the book. That will be a fun challenge. How can I best speak to this kind of a mixed group? What can I give them? How can I best interest them? What do they need to hear?

I emailed Pastor Don today, telling him what a big responsibility I found this to be. But half an hour later I emailed again with my realization that it's not my responsibility - it's God's. It's God's work; he's in control. All I need to do is to be myself and to be led by his Spirit.

I'm looking forward to planning the food. My two best friends have offered to co-ordinate that part of the day and my daughter-in-law will help. I feel so supported by them.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and our church is ready to give a big party for the community. This is the eighth year we're doing it and hundreds of people come out for it. It's a huge effort that everyone helps out with. Fortunately it sounds like the weather will be perfect - dry and not too hot.


Mariposa said...

I'd love to be there if I'm near! I'm too excited for you with your book and more excited for people (myself included!) who wold enjoy and learn from it.

Please do let me know if it's already released in the market and if there is anyway I can order it through you, I'm thinking of giving few copies to friends as well.

Nice to be back here again!

marja said...

Hi Mariposa,

It's nice to have you back here again.

"A Firm Place to Stand" will be ready to buy on July 19th. You'll be able to buy it from my website (which is being worked on) or from Christian bookstores.