Thursday, June 05, 2008

Receiving love

Further gleanings from Don Miller's Blue Like Jazz:

Miller says, "...I have come to understand that strength, inner strength, comes from receiving love as much as it comes from giving it. I think apart from the idea that I am a sinner and God forgives me, this is the greatest lesson I have ever learned. When you get it, it changes you." He says that this is the key to happiness. And, "God's love will never change us if we don't accept it."

This is so true. In my own life I've experienced the kind of happiness truly experiencing God's love - truly owning it - brings.

Trouble is, there are many Christians who have a strong faith, believing in God, believing that God's love is unconditional and immeasurable, yet unable to "feel" that love. This is especially true during times of depression. Being able to receive love is the key to living a fully happy life.

How can we help people fully realize God's great love for them? How can we help people own that for themselves? How can we help people feel God's love?

That's probably my biggest goal at Living Room: to help people learn to experience God's love. Because I know that when they do, they will find healing.


P.J. said...

Boy, isn't that true!! Complete healing can only come from God and the love He freely gives us.

What can we do?? Do what God tells us at every moment. The same thing isn't going to work for everyone, so the more discerning and receptive we are to God's voice, the more we can meet people where they are.

marja said...

Thanks, PJ. Yes it will be different for every situation and every individual, won't it? I think one of the most important thing is to truly listen to people and understand their needs.