Monday, January 05, 2009

Further thoughts on God's plans

I need to write some more on this. Just re-read my last post and realize how hard it must be to accept for many. Did you find it discouraging or encouraging?

Personally, I'm just so excited that I can be doing something today to make tomorrow's world a better place. I know how hard it is to overcome the stigma attached to mental illness. I realize that it probably won't happen in my lifetime. But to think that things might be different for the next generation! To think that how I live my life today might help future generations!

I don't have to give up fighting for this because I can't see the results. Every little thing I do to work towards this will count something for the future. Pastor Don said, "The future is bigger than your lifetime. You can do something with your life that is bigger than your wildest dreams." (Actually, God can do it and we can be His hands and feet and mouth.)

Now isn't that thought encouraging? Doesn't it just make you want to do your best to work for what you believe in?


Violet said...

What if we don't even know what are wildest dreams are? The thought of having dreams come true is awesome but you can't make something come true if you don't even know what it is...

Luv, Jena

marja said...

Hi Jena,

One little step at a time. One little dream at a time. One little day at a time. One little juicy interest to pursue at a time. Using the gifts God has given us. Following the urges He puts in our hearts and seeing where they lead. You never know where those little urges will take you. But if they keep returning, they're God-given and should be obeyed. And we'll find joy there. Small dreams can gradually lead to big dreams.

Hey! You're young girl. What do you feel the urge to do today? Write a song? Record it? Paint a picture? Paint six pictures? Paint a dozen pictures? Have a show? Write a story? Write a bunch of stories? Gather them together in a book?

What's your urge today? It doesn't have to start with a big dream. It could be a nap-size dream.

Loving you and believing in you - marja

Violet said...

Thanks, Marja. You are always so encouraging :)

I am just in a place where I feel blank. Blankness all around me. I don't know what I can do, I don't know what I am meant to do, I don't know what I want to do. I am lost. I don't even really have a will to do anything.

Maybe you can pray that God puts a dream in my heart.

Thanks again for being such a good friend, and for believing in me.
Love you too. Jena

'Tart said...

I love both posts, and found them encouraging.

Thank you for this reminder that our actions today can affect the future. And for nourishing dreams.

marja said...

Jena: It's your mood that has put your life on hold temporarily. But it's only temporary. You will come out stronger than ever when it passes. And it will pass. For today just do the things you can do. Look after yourself. Make sure you eat well. And - if you can - move your body a bit - a workout if you can manage to get through the snow.

A better day will come soon.

marja said...

Ahh Tart! I'm really truly glad you found those posts were encouraging. I was hoping they would affect people that way. Wonderful to be encouraged and to have hope, isn't it? Puts some juice into life.

marja said...

...and Jena: A nice luxurious bath with candles and some special music would be nice, wouldn't it? Treat yourself tonight :)