Saturday, January 03, 2009


Last night we took the tree and all the decorations down. A further release from the Christmas season. I can breathe easy again.

Turns out a lot of people at Living Room yesterday shared my feelings of relief. Too bad, isn't it, that a celebration that should be beautiful carries such stress with it? How can we possibly avoid that? Will have to make a serious attempt next year to avoid that.

It snowed again last night. Don't know if I've ever seen such an ongoing snowy time before. Not where we live. Kind of crimps your style. There are people who haven't dug out from the last few snowfalls yet. Can't get out of their lane - or find it difficult and dangerous to do so.

This limits my visiting times with Mom. It's hard to find parking at the home with the piles of snow on the sides of the street. Hard to find a spot in the parking lot. But I'll try to get there today and take my chances. She called a couple of days ago telling me she's feeling lonely.

The cruise will be nice. Warm weather. Worries all left behind. Only a few days to wait now.


Paula Joy said...

Yes, there sure is a lot of snow!!! I thhink it's an "all over Canada" kind of thing.

It is -30 something here today. I MUCH prefer the snow over such cold temperatures!!

Take care and I hope you get to visit your mom.

Violet Starr said...

As another fellow Canadian, I must say, the snow is rather freakish!!! I mean, if we're supposed to be living in Igloos, I think we're finally getting to that point! lol. Just kidding. But seriously, the slippery roads and non-existant sidewalks are making it difficult for me to get around because i'm used to walking everywhere I go! I'm really secluded and bored!

marja said...

I feel the same way, Jena. I'm going nuts. Everything I want to do is thwarted. Can't do this; can't do that. All that's left to do is housework and I'm not keen on that either. Not into reading right now. All I seem to be doing is sudoku puzzles - a habit now - but it gets depressing when that's all you do.

Tonight my husband and I will play a game of Ticket to Ride - something we both enjoy.

Gives you a bit of an idea of what living in igloos must have been like for native people, eh?