Saturday, February 07, 2009


I'm celebrating - happy - joyous!! Tonight I had a call from a lady in Victoria, telling me that her church had its first Living Room meeting today. Another group is born - the tenth. Praise God, eh?

This particular group will be serving people with all kinds of mental illness, not only mood disorder. It is also not quite ready to do outreach work. Members so far are only from the host church.

What delighted me was that the facilitator was so truly happy to be doing this. And the participants are very grateful for the group. Now they'll have a place where they can be open about both - their faith in God and their mental health issues.

Thank you, thank you, God, for the work you are doing through Living Room!


Paula Joy said...

Talking about vision and then reading this post had ignited something in me! There are no bipolar support groups where I live. I don't know if there's much in the way of mental disorder support at all. First when I was diagnosed, the idea of starting some type of group intrigued me - mostly because I needed the support. I did not persue that avenue because I was not healthy enough to lead something like that at that time. Now, however, is a different story! Living Room is something I can see myself starting and being a part of. Can you email me what kinds of things I would need before even considering to start this type of group?

Thanks, Marja!

Paula Joy said...

I see it is all layed out on the Living Room site. I'll look at that and email you questions if they come up!

Di said...


marja said...

Hey Paula! That would be so neat! But don't rush into it, eh? And make sure you have someone who will partner with you.

Are you checking the PDF manuals? If you'd like, I can mail you hard copies for a small fee - they're kind of pretty.

Stay in touch, okay? My email address in on the site.

marja said...

Hi ya, Di. I love it when you show up here.

Dreamwriter said...

I see your seconc book! That is awesome :)

marja said...

Dream!! Has it been years now since I heard from you? It certainly feels like it. Congratulations on your new blog. Hope you're doing well.
Love - marja

Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

Thank God for another Living Room group! I am so happy to know that God is continuing to help many through Living Room. May God continue to bless this unique ministry.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragements. Missed you so. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to catch up again. Take care!

Love and prayers,