Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cold complaints

I need to have someone to complain to. I have a bad cold. Seldom get one of those but today - on the third day - I'm not good at all. Fever and a cough that scares the cat off my lap and - actually - would scare anyone. It sounds like I'm dying. I don't feel like doing a thing, yet I'm bored too.

What bothers me most is the loneliness that comes with being sick. Wish I could talk to someone - complain to someone. I just don't know what to do with myself.

Yesterday my husband and I managed to do most of the dishes that had been piling up for a couple of weeks. I couldn't do them earlier because of some burnt fingers and my husband was sick. But yesterday, after doing most, I left a few to soak and there they are today, still soaking. I'm also way behind on my laundry and no energy to gather up the bedding and everything else and throw them into the washer. My husband has offered to help me a bit. He doesn't know what he's doing, but just to have him at my side will help.

Lonely - especially with my two best friends out of town. One of them - the very best for me to talk to - has been gone for almost five weeks and will be gone for six or seven more. That's real hardship. A person I share almost everything with and with whom I talk almost daily when she's in town - now far away.

I've done quite well though - kept busy - so I haven't suffered too much. Yet today it would be so neat to talk to her a bit.

Full of complaints, aren't I? Good to have this blog though. Good to have someone to talk to.


Jena said...

I'm sorry you're feeling sick and lonely. :( It does sound like you are too sick to do the house work and I think that you should accept it humbly and allow your body to rest.

The body can't get better without the rest. You are lethargic because your body is telling you you need the rest to get better. The fever is raising your body temperature to fight off the sickness in your system.

Hang in there, Marja. Keep blogging. Maybe get in touch with some other close friends that you may have lost touch with lately. You seem like the kind of person who would have more than just 2 good friends. Maybe when you start to feel better, you can reunite with another friend or two.

marja said...

Thanks, Jena. You sound so like a nurse.