Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finding balance

A couple of years ago I decided to give up photography so that I could devote myself more fully to writing and other mental health related work. I believe that was a good thing. I was able to finish my book and have it published and Living Room has grown.

But lately I've realized that I need to find better balance in my life. Spending all one's time on mental health issues is not necessarily a good thing. I need to do something visually creative too. What really brought this home was when, at Christmas time, I found great comfort in the midst of my depression as I produced calendars for friends. It felt so good to make beautiful pictures again, using some images I had shot in years past.

So I have returned to doing the candid child photography I so love to do - something I have done for over thirty years now. I will make time to take on one or two clients a month.

My first job was a few weeks ago and I'll share a couple of the pictures I took. I was worried about my medication-induced tremors, but they proved not to be a big problem in getting good pictures. There were a few unsharp ones, but when using available light as I do, that's a common thing for every photographer. My psychiatrist and I have played around a bit with my meds and now I have much less problems with tremors. Thank God!


Paula Joy said...

Cool! That's great, Marja!!

I firmly believe that it is always a good thing to have a hobby or to to take our mind off of the circumstances we often find ourselves in. We need a place to put some of our creative energy.

Good on you!!

Jena said...

Ohhhh! It's Logan!!!!! He's adorabe! What an amazing job you've done. You've got such a talent, Marja! I'm glad you decided to keep on with this. Love, Jena xoxo

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I'm so glad you've begun taking photographs again. I so wish I lived nearby so I could learn about photography from you.

You're so artistically talented, and I've always loved your photographs and your artwork (I remember a few paintings you once shared as well).

I believe that having balance in our lives is critical--not just for mental health, but for happiness.


marja said...

Hi Paula,

You're right. And what good is a gift God has given us if we don't use it, eh? I've come to realize that if I have the urge to do something creative, I have to obey.

marja said...

Yes, Jena, it's him alright. He was so good for the entire 90 minutes I spent photographing him It was such a fun time.

marja said...

You're right, Susan. I believe that leading balanced lives means living complete lives. Some duty activities, some fun activities. Time with others and time alone. Time to take in and time to give out. Etc. etc. A person could write a book on this, couldn't he/she?

Dreamwriter said...

Balance is so very important. I am trying to do that as we speak...

Love the photos...you are so talented Marja!

marja said...

Thank you, Dream. And thanks for dropping by.

'Tart said...

Marja, these are beautiful!

That is wonderful that you are creating this balance in your life. You are definitely on a positive path and it is inspiring.

marja said...

Thanks, Tart. And what better way to find balance than something that is fun to do at the same time, eh?

Thanks for dropping by.