Monday, October 09, 2006

Giving thanks

I've been away from here for several days, and much has happened in my world. One TERRIBLE thing is that I had another car accident. My second within a month! (My first, you may recall, was when I was broadsided by a bus - on the driver's side.) This time I rear-ended someone, hit her hard! It looked like my car was a write-off, but I heard from the body shop that it may be saveable. The other car was not damaged at all. One of these days I'm going to get killed ... or kill someone else. What's wrong with me? I'm going to be very nervous to drive in the next little while.

Funny thing is, the person I hit saw my Brentwood Park church bulletin in the car and told me that she goes to New Life Community Church, the church we're working in tandem with, providing faith-based mood disorders support. I told her that I'm a friend of Esther, one of the pastors there. And she told me that she had just come back from seeing Esther. A coincidence? ...or God being there again for me. He seems to be in everything I do now-a-days. So many amazing things have been happening. You may call me a crazy religious nutcase if you want to, but really, there have been so many "coincidences" like this lately. Anyway, this lady was so wonderfully calm and helpful. It made the accident easier to bear.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. And although I smashed my car for the second time in a month, and although there are severe problems in some of my friends' lives, there ARE a lot of things to be thankful about as well. God IS good.

We just came back from a camera club outing - several days in the interior. While my husband photographed, I read and wrote. I loved the solitude. And I got a lot of work done on my book. I'm pretty well ready to begin looking for a publisher. All this makes me very thankful.

Yesterday evening we had a traditional turkey dinner with our friends at an old inn. They did up the evening as though all the guests in the inn are family. We all sat down and ate at the same time. The turkey was the best I've ever tasted. Wish I'd asked for more. All the food was delicious. I'm getting hungry again just remembering. I was grateful for my time with my friends in this wonderful place.

This morning I found frost on the flowers in the campground garden. It was beautiful how the white crystals rimmed the petals. I spent a happy half hour photographing them. The aspen trees were beginning to change colour. And all day long the sun shone brilliantly. Yes, we have much to be thankful about.


jumpinginpuddles said...

im sorry about the accident but grateful you hit someone you didnt know but might be able to get to know and thanksgiving sounded wonderful.. As you have dew on the ground we have the heat hotting up we dont celebrate thanksgiving but it always sounds so much fun where you guys do .

Bleeding Heart said...

My goodness Marja - Are you OK? I hope all is well and I am thinking about you.

marja said...

Hi Terri, Yes, I'm fine. But I'm not going to be very confident in my car for a while. Perhaps I should take a defensive driving course.

keweis said...

I'm glad to see you're ok! And for the record, there's no such thing as being a "crazy religious nutcase" because I too am in constant search for growth in Christ. If you're crazy religious than so am I and I couldn't be more proud to admit it. I'm glad to see the Lord working in your life. That is truely awesome. I can account for many instances where God has helped and saved me. Continue seeking Christ and good luck with your church project. Take care and as always God bless!

“The LORD is good,
a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him” Nah 1:7

Sarah said...

Hey there, sorry to hear about the car accident.. but glad to hear everything is ok!!!

there are indeed many things to be thankful for, even the bad things, who knows what will be of the encounter you had with the lady right?

hey have you ever heard of a school called Prairie Bible Institute in AB? I got accepted to go there and all...

marja said...

Thanks, everyone, for your concern. Everything is turning out alright. I only have a wee bit of stiffness at the base of my neck. And, although I'm nervous about it, I have started driving again.

Sarah: No, I haven't heard about that college. But then, I don't know much about colleges anyway, except for the ones around here in the Vancouver area.

I'm excited for you. When do you go?