Monday, October 02, 2006

Life is too interesting

I've been away from the computer for a few days and out of touch with how everyone is doing, but will take some time tonight to visit all my friends' blogs.

Life has been getting entirely too interesting lately, and I know I will have to slow down and try to do something boring, like knit on my scarf, or watch tv. But it's hard. My mind is revving continuously, wanting to keep pushing the work that is so important to me. It's hard to focus on dishes when there are such grand things I could be accomplishing. But I know it's time. I need to slow down.

I don't want to list all the stuff I'm doing. I know within myself that I'm going a bit too far. But it's Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and I've become a bit caught up in that. On Wednesday morning I'm going to a mental health awareness breakfast. (Have to be downtown and in my seat by 7:30!!) And on Thursday night I'm speaking as a panelist at a forum on depression in the elderly. I'm not sure if they asked me simply because I know what depression is, or whether they think that I'm elderly. Heck, I'm just a girl!!! I have trouble even thinking of myself as a woman. I'll always be a kid.

But I'm also flying high because I've seen God do some amazing things in some of the people in my life. That, too, I won't be able to go into details on. Just believe me, we have an awesome God!

The writing on my book has been going well. That's one reason you haven't heard much from me. If I can keep the momentum going, I'll soon be ready to go back to the beginning and start some serious editing. I'm looking forward to the polishing process.

BTW: Another wonderful thing that has happened is that my mother-in-law is 85% recovered from her pneumonia.(don't ask me how the doctor figured out that percentage) For a person who is 95, bouncing back so well is something we have to be very grateful for. She will have some more years of quilting ahead of her, I know.

So that's me tonight: grateful and just a bit too full of joy. I think I'll do some dishes. That might slow me down.


jumpinginpuddles said...

well done sounds busy but keep safe and try to not burn out but yeyyy for you

Bleeding Heart said...

Gosh, I could relate to your post so much! I, too, get revved up roaring to go with projects and stuff.

I am glad to here about your mother-in-law - that is great!!

LOL - I, too have a hard time saying I am a woman - I wonder if that is common for a lot of women.

Enjoy your projects - you seem to be in control and know when to stop:-)

keweis said...

We do have an awesome God! He is the only thing I hang on to. Glad to hear you're full of joy. Reading your blog just cheered me up to be honest. I've been feeling down the last couple of days for no reason at all and then I came across your blog and I feel better already. Keep spreading God's love! Thank you and God bless!