Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our need for hugs

I visited a friend today, one who is very dear to me. When I got ready to leave she gave me a hug, and I simply did not want to let go. It felt so good. And I love her so very much.

When we were children, especially if we're from a truly loving home, hugs were probably not too hard to come by. When we were hurt or upset, Mom's arms enfolded us and we were comforted.

But sometimes I think of the countless older people who live in care facilities. How often do they get the hugs they need? Many do not get visitors and they are lonely. Yet inside them there still lives a child. We all carry a bit of who we were as children with us, don't we? Getting older is tough, in fact, one could call it cruel. I hope I'll never have to experience the kind of loneliness some of these people have to deal with.


Dobro said...

How true! How contradictory our modern society is. We do all we can medically and pharmaceutically to extend life. But we ignore the quality of it---emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Thanks, Marja. I think you just confirmed something for me--That what my family does when we visit nursing home patients is important and it does not matter if we go to a different church. As long as Jesus and Him crucified and risen from the dead is being preached.

Bleeding Heart said...

This is a great post and so true. Hugs are important and very emotional.

Thanks for the reminder.

jumpinginpuddles said...

hugs rock

Sarah said...

I remember when I lived in Canada and people asked me: "So what do you miss most about Brazil"?
I instantly said "The hugs".

we're very affectionate and i didnt realize how much i love it until i didnt have it anymore.

of course, when i was leaving t he church gathering in Canada the girl made sure she gave me a big hug:)

i'll never forget.

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Amy Purdy said...

I absolutely love the pictures you share with us!

Anonymous said...

I love my mum's hugs. They made me feel so warmth and comfortable, and an affirmation that I'm loved. =)