Friday, December 15, 2006

Dealing with holiday stress

The Canadian Mental Health Association says that "A new study shows the holidays can be a trying time for people with mental illnesses." (We ALL know that very well. This is not news to us.) The following are tips on how to manage the stress.
  1. Set your priorities
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Beware of overindulgence
  4. Relax...Breathe...Enjoy!
  5. Stay within budget.
  6. Remember what the holiday season means to you.
  7. Learn about others.
  8. Include others.
  9. Put fun, humour, affection and "break time" into your holidays.
  10. Get into the light.
Personally, I think I'm doing almost all these things right now. I've made many changes this year, purposely trying to avoid the problems I've run into other years.

I feel that I'm doing well with the preparations. The main things left to do is to buy a couple of gifts, wrap all the gifts, and clean the house. In the next week there will be plenty of time to relax. Tonight my husband and I plan to watch a Christmas movie on TV. We hardly ever watch TV together, so this will be a special time with snacks and eggnog.

Although I still feel subdued and teary, I feel a quietness. Within this quietness I feel close to God, something I'm not able to feel in the same way when I'm busy, running all over the place and unable to slow down. I feel at peace. I feel a quiet, holy joy. And when I shed a few tears, it actually feels good. It's a getting in touch with my emotions - getting in touch with the core of my being.

It's Jesus' birthday! And I'm happy He was born. And I feel His love within me and surrounding me. I'm ready to celebrate - tears and all.


Bleeding Heart said...

Your blog is so inspiring! You are so makes me cry:-(

steve g said...

Don't forget His yoke is not burdensome, but easy.
Good time to relax and work on relationships close to home, maybe.
They are the difficult ones after all.
You do inspire, marja.

Anonymous said...

thnaks Marja, for putting those tips on your blog...they really made me slow down and think. You are a very wise woman of God, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we all appreciate you very much. You are a ture blessing.
Love Shebee