Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's all over!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent Christmas greetings. And I did have an excellent Christmas, though a busy one. Cooked Christmas dinner on the 25th and another dinner for eight on the 26th. Had my mother and mother-in-law over for four days.

Mid-afternoon today we came back from taking Mom-in-law back home and now my husband and I are - gloriously - on our own again. Time to clean up, read, write, putter, blog. It's the days after such busy times that are the best, don't you think? ...those days when you truly appreciate what normal life is like. (Is life ever "normal", though?)

Tonight I'm going to dig into work on my book again. No time to waste. This will be my focus. I am determined to get this thing finished. Try to keep the rest of life simple. Take on no unnecessary time taker-uppers. Work as though I have a publisher chomping at the bit. Work, knowing that this book will do a lot of good. Work as though the world could not continue without it :) :)

That will be my new year's resolution. And I'm beginning to follow through on it before the new year has even started. How's that for resolve, eh? :)

Now I hope that I'm not going to embarrass myself when someone asks me a couple of weeks from now how it's going.


Bleeding Heart said...

Good for you! I plan to start my 2nd book again...I have 70 pages done already - single spaced on the computer! I am really almost done, but got side tracked!

That is on my New Year's Resolution list as well:-)

It will get done when the time is right:-)

bipolar_girl said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Marja!

I wish you all the happiness and success of your book! I hope you'll still blog while working on your book.:))take care

Jon said...

Best of luck on finishing your book!