Friday, July 24, 2009

Down the road again

I need to write just a bit to let you know that tomorrow we are, once more, off on a trip. We truly are taking advantage of our motorhome this year and I'm finding it very good to have those breaks away. Used to be I'd be too lazy or simply not motivated enough to do all the work getting ready to go. But the last couple of trips were so good, so beneficial to my mental health, that I look forward to it more and more. And it's good to have those times with my husband. The only thing that worries me now is what am I going to do when the summer is gone? I'm so enjoying the good weather and the opportunities to get outdoors.

I look forward to the time this holiday will give me to read. Perhaps I'll even be moved to do some writing. I'll also bring my camera and sketchbook. Isn't that what heaven should be all about? The opportunity to learn from the thoughts of others. The opportunity to be creative, to use the gifts God has given me. These are things I need to make sure I always make time for, even when I'm not on holidays.

There used to be a time when I wondered what possible use there could be in doing artwork. Wouldn't my time be better spent doing God's work? Doing "useful" things? But I'm learning that God made us to be creative people. He had good reasons for this.

I'm starting to look on the creative work I do as a form of worship. What better way to worship than to lie on the ground, focusing your camera on a little wildflower, admiring its beauty, wanting to share that beauty with others? What better way to worship than to watch a baby's every expression as you spend time photographing her?

Earlier this week I photographed a toddler. I didn't do as well as I'd like, but the experience of spending time with this little girl, fully attentive to her, was wonderful. I will have some more wonderful times making the prints.

So early tomorrow morning we'll be off again, for ten days this time. See you all when I get back. Hope that you too will find the time to do the things you best love to do.


Di said...

Marja, Enjoy your trip. Yes we are truly creative, created beeings. Think about how God created us in his image... if that is so, then we too are destined to be creative - a mirror image of the creator. I hope you find much renewal in your time away.

marja said...

Hi Di, You're right God made us in his image. I like where the Bible says at the end of the day when He created something: "And He saw that it was good." (or something like that) Isn't that how we all feel when we've put our hearts and souls into a project and we are happy with how it turned out? I can sense God's joy in seeing what He created. Because I too have experienced joy when I've made something I did my best at and it worked out.

See you when we get back.

Spin said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

P.S. Creativity rocks!!

Nancie said...

Marja, so glad that you are able to go on a trip. Trust it is a blessed one for you and your husband. I, too, love to spend time in nature and have managed to go for a nature walk recently. God has indeed made us creative people. I loved photography too and enjoyed taking photos of flowers, beach, etc etc. I just posted some photos I took at a park in Singapore. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am able to capture some of the beauties of God's creations. The beauties of God's creations always remind me what a great God we serve! Take care and God bless. Praying, Nancie

Synchronicity said...

Oh I have just missed you! I am just trying to catch up with all my favorite bloggers and you are definitely one of them. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip Marja! Come back and let us know how it all went.