Sunday, August 27, 2006

We're a creative bunch

One neat thing about being bipolar is that we tend to be creative - a great number of us, anyways. I receive great pleasure and release from photography and writing, as well as all kinds of other types of projects. There's an advantage to the dramatic moods we experience. We tend to be ultra-sensitive. When we find an outlet for these sensitivities, especially in the arts, we can accomplish things that more stable people would find more difficult.

I know, for myself, I simply have to express the many feelings I have. There are so many things I want to say.

I took this picture yesterday. I call it "Spent". It looks like a very sad picture and one might assume I was depressed when I took it. But I'm really quite up now-a-days. The thing is that all the feelings I've experienced are in my memory bank. I see things around me that I can relate to, because of my moods in the past. I find this is particularly valuable when I photograph children. I capture ALL their moods, not just the happy faces.

So, I hope this picture doesn't put a damper on your day, but that it will show you that someone else can relate to feelings you might have had.

Have a HAPPY day.


jumpinginpuddles said...

good picture :)

moonlightwriter said...

I love the picture! I am glad you are able to use your talents. I am hoping one day soon I will be able to have a clearer head so I can continue my writing pursuits. It frustrates me that I can't concentrate to write anything substantial. I come up with ideas for books and I get started but I can never finish and I end up throwing them out.