Friday, January 19, 2007

I AM back, Sarah!!

Thank you all so very much for wishing me a happy holiday. We DID have a good time in Mexico, lying on the beach (only a few times - we're not sun worshippers), trying out interesting foods, and looking through the colorful souvenir shops.

And - best of all!!! - I got lots done on my book. I spent several hours every day - except for one - working. I think I love work more than relaxation.

And I read lots as well, including Philip Yancey book, "Where Is God When it Hurts". As I read, I got so many ideas of things I want to blog about. So much I want to share. He talks about suffering as being beneficial in many ways. I love this stuff. There is so much in the Bible on this as well.

While I was away Numnum responded to a post from a l-o-n-g time ago, asking some very tough questions about the church's views on mental illness - demonic possession, spiritual bondage, deliverance ministry, and all that nasty stuff that has so often made me seethe inside. I'm going to "try" to write about that, though I do not in any way consider myself someone able to "answer" those questions. But explore a bit...I could do a little of...maybe.

...and I want to talk about LOVE, better that faith and hope, but encompassing faith and hope. Next to our medication, love is THE most important ingredient for our mental and spiritual well-being.

I can hardly wait to get back to my blogging...I just have to be careful not to trip over my own feet as rush back in. As I said, friends, we have SO much to talk about.


Anonymous said...

Hey, found you through Jane of Jane Loves Tarzan. I, too, am fascinated by faith and mental illness. I experienced the whole demon possession/spiritual bondage thing when I first became ill as well, and sometimes wonder whether there is any truth to it. (I mean to say that the idea of some sort of spiritual influence on a sick person is not totally anathema to me.) I am writing a film script on the broader subject, but really haven't thought of a nonfiction book. I have that Yancey book somewhere, too. Someone gave it to me when they learned about my illness. I hope you don't mind, but I want to put you on my blogroll. I am a writer as well and hope to read more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. looking forward to read about your blogging ideas.

numnum said...

Good to have you back. You sound refreshed and ready to roll(or write). Look forward to future posts.

Dream Writer said...

You say that you love work more than relaxation, but don't you agree that when we do what we LOVE it doesn't FEEL like work...

I know for me, when I write my book (which is work) doesn't feel like work and for that it relaxes me:)

Great post once again! and Welcome back.

marja said...

digibrill: Thank you for visiting my site and for putting me on your blogroll. I'll be looking in on you as well. It sounds like we might have a lot in common.

Thank you for your welcomes back, misha, numnum, and dream writer.

bipolar_girl said...

Welcome back, Marja! Looking forward to your posts. take care