Saturday, August 04, 2007

A good trip

Thank you Di, Marie, Tery, and Mel for your good wishes for the road trip with my husband's mother.

The trip actually did feel like a holiday. Though we did a lot of driving within a short time, we enjoyed ourselves. We had rented a larger car so there was plenty of room for our luggage and mother's walker. And the traveling was smoother and much more comfortable than it would have been with our smaller car. It was a good investment.

I think I enjoyed myself more with Mom along than I would have if it were only my husband and I. She was so appreciative of everything - had such delight in all she saw. I felt true joy knowing that we were giving her a trip that she had long ago thought was no longer possible for her.

I got a kick out of her frequent remarks on how good the roads were. She remembered the way the roads were when she travelled them as a much younger person.

Taking a trip with Mother is something I would not mind repeating sometime. But next time we won't need to rush so much.

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Daily Dose said...

I am glad that you had a great time..welcome back.