Monday, August 13, 2007

I need your help

Frustrating! I had saved a couple of quotes from people on the blogs about how it feels to not have anyone understanding they can really talk to when they need support for their depression. They expressed the loneliness they felt and the lack of understanding they received from their friends.

I needed these to help me write an article about the need we who suffer from depression have for good support. And now they've vanished.

Could you help me?

How does it feel when you have no one to talk to who will show compassion?

I'm truly hoping you can put on your thinking caps, remember what it feels like or how it feels today, and write a line or two. This article is for a Christian website that wants to educate Christians about mental illness.


Daily Dose said...

I feel very angry and sad. Not to be able to talk with friends and family is truly very disappointing.

Emilija said...

I think I often gravitate towards other people with the illness as friends, because I feel like at least they can understand. Depression is a funny thing. Everyone has "felt depressed" at one time or other. They think that this is all the understanding that they need. Because they have been able to "pull themselves together" and deal with bad days, why can't we do the same? But major clinical depression is on such a different plain than a bad day. The differences are qualitative, not just quantitative. And people don't get that.

Marie said...

It feels like talking to a brick wall-hard and cold.

Susan Bernard said...

I don't think it was that my friends--true friends--didn't care. It was just that they didn't understand depression. And perhaps part of it was my inability--at least at first--to explain what I needed.

When I'm depressed, I don't like to talk on the telephone nor do I like to talk with people in person.

Talking about how I feel doesn't make me feel better. If I had friends who could be with me, but not expect anything from me, it would be okay.

For example, we could take a walk but not talk. We could pray together but not talk. We could read together but not talk.

I'm not sure if this helps.


marja said...

Thank you, Teri, emilija, marie and Susan. I very much appreciate your input.

Zawadi said...

I feel like the only person on the planet. Just alone. or maybe like some kind of thing that exists and go through life but no one notices me or see me. Like some sort of weird being.

marja said...

Thank you very much, Zawadi