Friday, November 30, 2007

Drawing vs photography

This year I gave up photography because I wanted to have more time to push for mental health awareness. Photography takes a lot of energy- energy I couldn't afford any more. And yet, now look at me, I'm spending time drawing and painting. What's the difference?

I think the difference is that the kind of photography I did involved working with people. There's a lot of stress involved in spending time with a child, trying to get the kind of expression that says something about the child and about me. I'd play with the children, spending a lot of time on the floor as I tried to capture the true child - the candid child. I always loved doing that - got on a real high doing that. And I was good at it. But it was hard work. Today I don't have the energy to spare. My energy needs to go into more important things. (You can see some of my photographs here.)

Now I feel a need to spend my recreational time doing quiet, solitary creative activities. Last night I spent the evening drawing an old Dutch street scene while listening to Christmas music by Pavorotti. What a wonderful time I had. Pure peace. I'm rediscovering my childhood love of drawing.

For this picture (can't show it, because it will be a surprise Christmas present for a friend) I drew from a painting my father did years ago. I studied his brush strokes carefully, something I had never done and came to appreciate the artist in him more than ever before. I felt a closeness with him. Later today I will paint the scene with watercolors.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

I haven't seen your photo website for a while and, when I got there this morning, I realized what I'd been missing. Your work is outstanding, filled with joy and fun.

I also loved the website design-did you do it yourself?

marja said...

Thanks, Julie. Yes, it's kind of sad to leave that part of me behind, but I think going to the drawing is a healthy change for me. My son and his wife designed the website: Cornelius is a computer programmer and Jeannette is a graphic artist.

Good to have you visiting here, Julie.

Merelyme said...

this is all wonderful stuff. i sure wish i could draw. you are lucky to be so multi-talented. use those gifts!