Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At loose ends

With my husband away I have a lot of freedom, yet I'm kind of at loose ends as well. Nothing to tie me down...floating from one little activity to another...trying to talk to some friends every day to stay in touch with the world. It will be good to have him back.

Tonight I called an old school friend, my first time in a number of years to talk to her. But it was like we didn't really know each other anymore. We used to be best friends, but we've grown so far apart. A shame how that happens.

I tend to be a very loyal person, not easily giving up friends. For the first 16 to 18 years that I was a Christian I belonged to the same church. When I found I could not stay there anymore, I cried for weeks. My husband and I have belonged to the same camera club for as long as we've been married - 39 years.

When I think of the women who I consider my best friends now, I could not imagine growing apart from them. They mean so much to me. Yet I suppose it could happen, especially if we were to move away from each other. That's one reason my husband and I would never want to move away from here. We need to stay close to our church and our camera club and our friends. We both find change in those regards difficult to deal with.

Just some musings to pass away some lonely time. Tomorrow will be better. My Bible study group is meeting here for dinner.


Jena said...

I know the feeling of meeting up with an old best friend, thinking your you're going to see your best friend, and instead meeting a near stranger. It is sad... but sometimes I find that even when time passes with some of my friends, we just pick up like it was yesterday. I guess it just depends on the type of friendship and maybe how many years pass.
Glad you're finding ways to pass time while your hubby is away :)

Mariposa said...

I heard you...that is what I'm trying to do right now as well.

Pistol Pete said...

I've moved around a good bit and have lost touch with nearly all my friends of old.

I can imagine how special it is for you to keep friends.

Congrats on the book, by the way.

Coco said...

Hi Marya, it IS sad when friendships change like that. Thankfully there are those ones that don't change too much at all. Is it a potluck dinner or are you serving? Sounds like having people over is just what you need right now... have fun!

marja said...

Hi Jena: Yes, there are so many kinds of friendship. And then we change as well - and maybe we change in different ways than our friend changes. So important to keep friendships alive, especially those very important ones.

marja said...

Mariposa: So good to be able to blog and make connections at times like this, isn't it?

marja said...

Pistol Pete:
Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. Must be hard moving around so much and losing connections with people. I hope you have some good friends now to take the place of the ones you've lost.

marja said...

Hi Coco: No it's not a potluck. I'm doing the whole thing. We have dinner together every week and take turns preparing the dinner. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, thank goodness. So it's not stressful. It's a wonderful way to start off our time together - half a dozen ladies, sharing from our hearts and supporting each other - all with different kinds of lives.

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I not only live in the same city in which I was born, but when I married my husband he owned a house five blocks away from my parent's house--in which I grew up.

I've often thought that one of the reasons I like living in the neighborhood in which I grew up is because of my bipolarity. I've experienced so much instability with it that the stability in my home life is so terribly important to me.


Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

Like you, I too hold friends very dear to my heart. I love to connect with people.

I am glad you have many close and old friends. It's wonderful that you can maintain these friendships over the years. Friends are special gifts from God. They are one of God's ways of loving us.

I am thankful for yours and many other friends through blogging too. These are special gifts from God as well. Take care.


marja said...

Hi Susan, I wonder too if it's a security we need - something stable for those of us who are too often not.

marja said...

Hi Nancie,
If you read the post I wrote today you will see how I feel about our friends' love. It's through people that we can sense God's love.