Friday, May 16, 2008

Trust when things are rough

In anticipation of the publication of my new book, A Firm Place to Stand (sorry - no link yet) are publishing excerpts from it.

The first article is about learning to overcome fear when symptoms of depression or psychosis start showing up. Fear is a universal response to suffering. At times it can be very hard to trust. What to do?

Can we have faith in God yet have a hard time trusting Him?

Hope you'll all have a look. I think you'll be able to identify.


Nancie said...


What you wrote is so good! I can surely identify with it. Fear is something I have to fight with during depression too. Trusting in God in time of fear is a great challenge. Thank God that He is with us and give us grace to look to Him even when the path is so rough.

I love your writing. It is helping me a lot. Can I post this encouraging excerpt on my blog so that my readers can benefit from it too?

Thanks for sharing with us, Marja. I am sure your book will be a great blessing to others! May God continue to make you and your writings a blessing to many. Take care. May you have a blessed weekends!


Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Congratulations on the piece you wrote for It's terrific and I think it will provide a lot of help and inspiration to your readership!


marja said...

Thanks for your support and encouragement, Nancie and Susan. I very much value your friendship.

Mariposa said...

Marja, got here through Susan of Bipolar Wellness, and I just have to thank her so much! I love the excerpt...can't wait to have the book in my hand...I'm from the Philippines though so I need to figure a way on how to ship them here...I plan to give that to some friends too!

I'd been to Living Room minutes ago...and my, I was watching the video and tears roll from eyes...I'm not depressed, but I'm happy to see initiatives like those! I for one is able to live life freely bec God has grace me with good friends and good doctors...and Living Room inspires me today to share whatever blessings I have to people needing help. Sadly, initiatives like that is not available here...yet.

I will be back for sure...

Coco said...

Hi Marya, I love the article!

"Though my prayers are often awkward, though the words come slowly and with great effort, they help keep my focus on God"

These words really resonate with me. They remind me of what's important here. Not the words, not some eloquent, articulate petition to God, rather just simply being in His presence, and there maintaining our focus.


marja said...

Mariposa: Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you found me. You're truly encouraging me. And thank you too for leaving a comment at When the book comes out I'll find a way of getting it over to you. Remind me, okay?

And regarding Living Room. When there is someone who has compassion for others who have mood disorders and who wants to help them learn to live with it. And when that someone has faith in God and in His healing power, it is possible to have a Living Room...anywhere. Have a look at the manuals that you can download free of charge off

Something you might consider, Mariposa? Not something you'd want to rush into, but a good thing to keep in the back of your head. My book might provide more inspiration.

marja said...

Coco: I'm glad you liked the article. Yes, living in God's presence encourages us to talk to Him - with a few words here and there. I'm not good at long involved prayer on one subject. I tend to pray sentence prayers. So just keeping God close enough so I will remember he's there, helps prayer come more easily.

Not that I'm good at always staying aware of God's presence, though. I fail far more than I'd like to. It's so easy to get caught up in the world's things.

I know what I "should" do. But doing it is often another thing.
We need to keep encouraging each other - reminding each other.

Mariposa said...

Hi, I'm back!

Living Room has been occupying my mind the past days...and I have discussed it with my fiance. You are right, it's something not to be rushed...I have to ready for it. I will be downloading that manual this weekend. For now, I am trying to check if there are any organizations I can tap in the future.

I am just so proud of you...and I have shown that video you have in Living Room to my family and close friends...and how that video touched me and inspired me.

marja said...

Welcome back, Mariposa. I'm so glad the video inspired you. And I'm hoping and praying that my book will do that for you as well. I'm hoping it will inspire those who live with mental illness and the people who want to know how to support them.