Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gone fishing

Yes, we're literally going fishing, for about ten days. Actually my husband will be fishing while I enjoy some glorious hours of reading - and maybe a bit of writing.

See you again around August 19th.


Merelyme said...

you will be missed marja. i just spotlighted you on my blog. hopefully you will get to see it upon your return.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Hope you and your husband have a great time. When my husband used to take me fishing, I loved sitting in a beach chair and reading novels! These days I would take photographs!

See you when you return!


Nancie said...

Marja, it is so wonderful that you can have such time together. May God bless you and your husband in your time of fishing and reading! Take care!

Merelyme said... is the 20th so where are ya?

marja said...

Hi everyone! Thank you for your good wishes. And Merelyme, it is the 20th and we just got back this afternoon. I've been to your blog, and you're just too nice. Made me feel good, though.