Thursday, August 28, 2008

A photograph and other stuff

This was a good day. I've been dealing a bit with the stress of the work I need to do promoting A Firm Place to Stand. Knowing that I need to get the publicity within the first three months means there's a fair amount of pressure on me to get the words out there - to have the book noticed.

I may sound kind of greedy, like I want to be famous or sell a lot of books so I can make money, but that's not it at all. The reason I wrote the book is because I want it to make a difference. I want it to help people dealing with mental illness and I want to educate Christians so that there will be less stigma. I need to get it into a lot of hands if it's going to make that kind of difference.

Yesterday something good happened. 100 Huntley Street, a popular Christian TV show, repeated an interview they did with me, my pastor, and a couple of people from Living Room. Then they announced the new book. Put a picture of it on the screen. National coverage! Wow!!

Today published an excerpt from the book, one of my favorite pieces. It tells of how I saw the kind of love Jesus has for us in the face of a young girl I photographed. If you go to the home page of the website, you will see the picture I write about. It's cropped a bit too much, but you'll get the idea.

Though I have a lot of work to do, today I no longer felt the stress. I've put together a press release, a pitch letter, a bio, and a page of endorsements and comments. Each day I will send out one or two press kits. Everything is under control and I'm having fun. I do enjoy publicity work; I enjoy promoting things I believe strongly in. Every time I promote this book, there's an opportunity to reduce the stigma a bit more. Such worthwhile work to have! I'm very grateful that God has given me this to do.

Today I also finally finished sorting through Mom-in-law's stuff. On Saturday, when the family comes over, we'll see who would like to have what as a keepsake. The rest I'll give away.

And tonight I will play a game with my husband. Time to relax.


Jena said...

Marja, I am so stunned and eternally grateful for the ways that God has moved through you in this important aspect of life! From the beginning, God created you with a strong purpose and plan even though you suffered many years. This is a good reminder for all of us that God has mighty plan, no matter what our circumstances.

marja said...

Hi Jena. Yes, "stunned" is a good word. I often tell people I am "amazed" by what God has been doing in my life. He's truly awesome. And, you know, because I know God is in this work, I am able to feel confident and optimistic about doing the publicity work.

God DOES have a plan for each of us. We just need to trust Him and let Him lead. And we need to obey His promptings.

Wellness Writer said...

Again, sounds like you have everything under control and are moving ahead. Congrats!


Wellness Writer said...

Oh, and congrats on the publicity. That's great news that they ran the piece again in the magazine and you're getting a lot of play with your book!


marja said...

Hi Susan. Yes, I do feel in control, and the beautiful thing is, I feel relaxed and at peace about it. I'm having fun.

Nancie said...

So happy for you, Marja, that things are progressing so well! Thank God for guiding you each step of the way!

I love the excerpt printed by Such a beautiful and touching account! As I was reading it in your book, I can feel the warm and compassionate love this little girl has for the celebral-palsied boy. And I can identify with your associating it with Christ's love for us. How God loves us with such a tender and compassionate love irrespective of how unlovely we may be in others' eyes! It is a great comfort to know that we are beloved by Someone so Almighty and Sovereign.

May God continue to guide you as you seek to share His love and mercies with others even through this book. May others too find much hope and comfort in a loving and faithful God. Take care. Praying with and for you as you labour on!

marja said...

Thank you, Nancie. I'm not so sure things are going as well as I'd hoped - at least mood-wise - but I'll do a post on that.