Friday, August 29, 2008

I need some sleep!

I'm s-o-o tired. Since we got back from holidays ten days ago I only got up after 5am twice and several times around 4am. It's a good thing I keep track of this in my journal so I can see when things are going wrong. I go to bed around 10pm so getting up at 5 means that I get 7 hours sleep. That's not too bad. But I've had less hours than that. Not good.

Thing is, I like getting up early. I love that long quiet time in the morning. And, once I'm awake, I can seldom get back to sleep again, even if I wanted to. The fluanxol I take as an anti-psychotic causes this because it's a stimulant. Most of the time this drug has been good for me, but perhaps I need to reduce the dose. Will talk to my pdoc about it next week.

I'm having some mild mood problems that suggest I could be in for a depression. I'll need to watch that. But I'm on prozac so I doubt that it will happen, especially if I put all my coping strategies in place.

Rest is what I need, but not so much that I'd get bored or lethargic. I'll have to put less things on my to-do list for the next few days. I should get together with some friends. Keep busy, but not too busy. Play some good music. Try to do things that I enjoy, instead of always feeling I have to accomplish things. I need a sabbath day.

If I could just get one solid eight hour night of sleep I think I'd be fine. How good that would be!


Wellness Writer said...

We both know how important sleep is. I wish I had a suggestion here, but your doctor certainly will.

I've been feeling a little under the weather as well, but decided it's definitely seasonal affective disorder, and I will write about it next week.

Hope you get the sleep you need to feel better!


marja said...

Thanks, Susan. Yeah, if I could only get a couple of nights good sleep...Will have a little snack and head for bed.

Nancie said...


It is encouraging to read that you are keeping track of your condition through journaling and able to be aware of your mood changes as well as know what to do to stay stable. May God continue to grant you much wisdom to manage your condition and to pace yourself moderately. Praying that God will give you restful sleep and fruitful daytime.

I have just republished one of the excerpts from your book on my blog. Thanks for allowing me to reproduce it to share with my readers. Hopefully this will also lead others to know about your new book and able to purchase it for theirs or their loved ones' use.

May God continue to bless your walk with Him and your labours of love in your various gifted ways. Take care and rest well. May God grant you a most blessed weekends and Lord's day!

With love and prayers,

marja said...

Dear Nancie,

What an amazing thing you did! Thank you so very much! I've been thanking God this morning for you and the wonderful friendship we're able to share online. As well I'm thanking him for having given me a very good sleep last night. I slept longer than I have in the last ten days - till 6:30. All it took was getting on my knees and asking for God's help, and then trusting him with it.

God IS so very good. I feel his presence very strongly this morning.

Blessings to you, Nancie. May you also feel God's presence within you and surrounding you.

Love, marja

Jena said...

wow, just reading your post, it seemed like so much and definitely overwhelming. You are right about needing to slow things down a notch. Your life in the fast lane may be the trigger for the other issues that have surfaced. I would first slow things down and do some prioritizing and then if things are still not leveling out, then think about things like meds.

marja said...

Thanks, Jena. You're right. I do have to slow down, and I think I'm doing that, today anyways. I'm doing better.