Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Please pray

I feel heavily burdened today for a friend, a Living Room member, who is in hospital. Her psychiatrist certified her and she is not allowed her clothes. On top of that, he and her therapist have turned her over to a new psychiatrist, withdrawing from her case.

This friend has bipolar disorder and has been depressed almost constantly for a very long time now. She has made multiple suicide attempts. Living on her own, she hasn't had much support - no one to help her with her day-to-day living.

She called me from hospital last night, very distraught, feeling abandonned. I can imagine how she must feel like she has been given up on and thrown away. It pains me to think of what it must be like to be her right now.

And I wonder if there isn't more that I can do, rather than giving her one-on-one support. I want to gather people around her to pray for her, to help her realize that someone still cares about what happens to her. Perhaps a Living Room meeting at the hospital - surrounding her?

So, if you pray, could you please pray for Marja's friend?


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I will pray for this woman, but I wonder if she ever does anything to help herself.

You have written about her before. While you can continue to help her, I believe the only hope for her is to stop asking for help (and complaining about being abandoned), and to find some strength within.

I don't mean to sound heartless, but I've got a relative like this, and I've finally had it with her.

I'm tired of the suicidal emails, and the constant whining. No matter how I respond, it is never enough. No matter what I suggest, she never does anything to change her life.

I have offered to help her if she is willing to "do" anything to help herself. But she constantly blames everything on her illness, and won't take any personal responsibility.

She ends up exhausting everyone around her, making life very unpleasant, and yet does absolutely nothing to move forward.


marja said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for praying. I don't know if you had heard about this person before or if it was someone else you're thinking of. As a Living Room facilitator quite a few people in trouble come to me.

I know. It's tough to know when a person is just not trying enough. However, we have to be very careful when we tell a person to "just pull up their socks." Sometimes depression does not allow them to do that. All motivation is gone. That is, after all, one of the big symptoms.

It's difficult sometimes to know how to best support - when to push, and when to simply have compassion. This particular person has burnt me out a number of times, yet I feel I can't withhold my love. And, after a break, I go back to being there wholeheartedly for her. Someone has to be.

Merelyme said...

Yes I most certainly will. Is this the friend you have tried so hard to help?

and thank you so much Marja...for all your kindness and support for me with your comments. I do so appreciate it.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
You're a warm and loving person and I appreciate those qualities in you. This woman is lucky to have you in her life.