Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy puttering

So good to be able to tell you that I'm feeling very good right now, happily puttering with my pictures. I've been complaining so much lately, I'm embarrassed.

Today I went through some of my forty years' worth of slides and scanned a few, with a view to using them for calendars and bookmarks. And now I'm thinking I'd like to make more notecards as well. Maybe another open house this winter so I can sell them to friends?

Working with these photographs and finding scripture verses to accompany them does me such a lot of good!

Making the calendars is going to be a bit tricky though. A bit of a puzzle getting all the months and photos in the right order, since it will be a folded calendar. That means, for example, that the May image will be on the same page as the September part of the calendar.

Tricky thing now, though, is not to let the housework get too far behind. And I do need to visit Mom every few days. And I do need to cook. Yes, Marja, don't get too too carried away now :0)

The picture in this bookmark is one I took at Puntzi Lake in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia. And the Bible verse is one I hung onto when I was going through a deep depression a few years ago. Actually it was only part of it that I clung to: "The Lord your God is with you...he will quiet you with his love."

I hope these words will comfort you as they comforted me.


Wendy Love said...

Hi Marja,
So glad to hear you are feeling good and feeling interested in that special work that you do. I know how awful it is when we feel lack of interest in something that we once enjoyed, it is like a death. Sometimes complaining is the purging to lead us to a better state of mind. Sometimes complaining is useful!

marja said...

Hi Wendy,

That's a good term for complaining. Purging. That's exactly what it is, isn't it?

Due to some medication mix up, I've been up since 3am, not able to sleep again. So I've been "happily puttering" half-way through the night. Not good to get mixed up with your meds.

Hope you have a good day, Wendy.