Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photographic interlude

Last night I had such a wonderful time looking at my pictures from Greece and printing a few of them. I'll include my favourite one here. I wasn't able to print it very big, because it's only a small part of the original image.

Hope you enjoy.

Being creative is such a pleasure and such a good coping strategy for depression! Trouble is, the housework starts piling up. I need to do some work for an hour, and then reward myself with an hour of creative work.

Good plan?


M. Caron said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Marja! How true that the creative process is a good strategy for relieving depression.

Thank you for posting on my blog that it takes a few weeks for the anti-depressant medications to kick in. That was a really good reminder to me to hang in there with the medication.

Love your blog. Love to you, M.Caron

marja said...

Glad you like my pictures, M. They're a joy to produce and share. I hope and pray you will start feeling better real soon.

Love, marja