Monday, June 20, 2011

Sanctuary mental health ministries

I had a meeting today with Dr. Sharon Smith and Caroline Penhale who started Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. They are giving workshops, giving church congregations the tools they need to deal with those amongst them who live with mental illness. Living Room is partnering with this new organization.

An exciting thing this partnership is. These two professionals are able to broach the problem of stigma in a way I'm not able. However, I'm able to fight stigma in a different way that they're not able to do. We come at the problem from two different perspectives and balance each other out. It's a great arrangement. We're gradually learning how we can best work together.

On September 17th Sharon and Caroline will come and speak at a workshop we're having to introduce churches to the Living Room concept. We hope this will lead to new groups for the Vancouver area.

Just for fun - something not having anything to do with mental health - I include another picture from my trip to Greece. I find it kind of mysterious: a wall that's not attached to anything and stairs, seemingly not leading anywhere. I think it should mean something, but I don't know what. What does the picture say to you?


Anonymous said...

You are a talented photographer! Beautiful picture of the wall.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my blog. You direct me back to God, the source and supply of all that is good. Thank you Marja!

M. Caron

marja said...

Hi M.,

Praying that things will soon improve for you.


Jane said...

I LOVE this photo, Marja. Your natural eye and skilled hand create beautiful imagery for others to see through your photographs. I love how passion and art go so well together!

marja said...

Thanks, Jane. Yes, passion and art do go together, don't they?


steve glen said...

There is a way even when there appears to be no way.

marja said...

Thanks, Steve. Yes, that's a good interpretation.