Friday, September 29, 2006

To be a child forever

The young aren't worried about what people think; the old have learned to stop worrying.


Bleeding Heart said...

You are an amazing photographer! Great pictures and very inspiring.

Sarah said...

Love the pictures!!!
QUestion, do you always take pics in black and white or it doesnt matter??

Can't wait to see more:)

Another question: do you always take pictures of people or of places too?

You're very close to one of the world's most beautiful place:
Lake Louise.

keweis said...

That is so true. If only we all could just learn not to worry about what others think.

For me, I look at it this way. It's what God thinks and that's all that matters. Our bodies will perish some day but it is He and I in He who will last forever. We must all love each other for who we are in him. Take care... Great picture!

jumpinginpuddles said...

hah hah and the insane didnt worry at all ;)

marja said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Sarah: I don't very often shoot scenics because my husband is so good at that, I leave it to him. I do like photographing flowers though.

My people photographs are always in black and white. When you shoot in color, the color of the clothing or background takes away from what's most important, the facial expression. B&W produces photos that have a more artistic feel.

shebee said...

Marja!!! It's me, Shebee...sorry I have not responded to your comment you left on my blog until now...I think I was in manic mode and felt like I didn't need this that I'm feeling depressed, I realise that I still do and I am thankful that it is here. When I read your comment I cried...finally, a woman of God in MY OWN CITY who has a church group that deals with mood disorders. God answered my prayer when you placed your comment to me. Thankyou so much. Your will never know how much it means/meant to me. However I can get in contact with you would be a great tidbit of info for me, as I would like to visit your group. I hope that this encourages you as well; that you use your 'weakness' (as the world see's it) to encourage and include others in the Faith. God bless you Marja.