Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back at last

I feel badly. I've been ignoring my blogging for so long - trapped in so many must-do's - mind like a mass of webs, not able to break loose and focus here. Don't get me wrong - I am well - just scattered into too many directions - not feeling free to slow down and spend some time with my blogging friends. And I'm feeling somewhat ashamed of it, because the blogging has always been important to me and the connections I've made here have always been important to me.

I don't have any great words of wisdom to share today. But I am happy to report that I've sent a proposal for my book to a Christian literary agency, hopeful that they might consider representing me. This getting up and doing something with my book is a big thing for me. It's been on the shelf for such a long time. For so long I felt too busy with stuff to even think about it.

Yeah, life is busy. Too many things I want to do. Do any of you bipolars ever feel like an octopus? I guess that's where I've been for a while. Though I need to stress, I am well - thankfully not too high and not too low.

I hope to give myself some time soon to catch up on everyone's blogs. If not today, tomorrow. And I hope to write more over the next while as well.


Daily Dose said...

Don't feel bad..I, too kinda strayed away, but I am trying to get back on track.

We have the right to take care of ourselves :)

Syd said...

Welcome back, Marja. I certainly understand what it feels like to be pulled in so many directions. I suspect that like many of us, you are passionately interested in many things, and then feel a sense of responsibility for many others, and as a result, you end up overcommitting. Please take care of yourself and try not to try to tackle too much at one time.

Congratulations on moving ahead with your book. I'm in the final stages of labor on my book (too). I'll be blogging about it soon.

Take care!

marja said...

Thank you, Tery and Syd. It feels good to be understood. Syd, I didn't know you were also writing a book. I wish you well with it and will look out for your post on it.