Sunday, October 21, 2007

Understanding article

An article I wrote went online yesterday. I had blogged about it a while ago. I wrote it for people with mental health issues. The purpose is to build understanding, to build bridges, and to help all people reduce stigma.

Unfortunately one person must have misunderstood where I was coming from, because the editor and I received a scathing email from him. He called me unethical and unchristian. Needless to say, I feel sick about it.

Please have a look at it. Am I really off base with this article? I know this is a new way of looking at the problem of stigma. But I believe that my approach is valid. What do you think?


Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

I can't imagine what your reader took exception with. The position you took in your article is one that you've taken many times before. I hope that the editor disregarded his/her comments.


Dream Writer said...

It was a great article. That email you received proved your article to be right. People don't get it and as much as they read stuff like your article it doesn't sink in to them...very sad.

They say that your article was unchristian well their email was unchristian...we are not suppose to judge and it sounds like that is exactly what that email did.

By the way, I am writing at Coming Out of the dark again :)

and keeping my peace of mind blog as well :)

marja said...

Thank you, Susan and Tery, for your encouragement. I'm not feeling as sick about those comments and will move on.