Monday, October 01, 2007

Rest with less caffeine

First of all, I want to thank Desiree and Terri for your very encouraging comments on my last post. They were so good to receive.

I feel bad that I haven't posted much lately. Nor have I visited others' sites. The reason is that I've been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I've been into a space where I've been doubting myself, not able to see how I could possibly manage all the work I've taken on. I've felt like I might be on the brink of another depression.

My friends have comforted me with extra attention and support. They have been praying for me and with me. This has helped me not to be fearful, but hopeful, trusting that God will help me turn this around.

But a couple of days ago I discovered the source of my fatigue and slight depression. I'm quite sure that it's mostly due to sleep deprivation. The many cups of coffee I drink throughout the day, combined with the stimulant medication I take, has meant that I've only been getting six hours of sleep per night. For over three months I've been getting up by 5 am every morning. I never complained because I enjoy the early rising - such a wonderful opportunity for a long quiet time before I need to start the day. But maybe I need a lot more rest than I've been getting.

I took a friend's advice and started drinking mostly decaf coffee. After only one day of this, I'm already feeling a difference. I feel less tired and more able to do my work. I'm more relaxed - more calm. Amazing!

I think my prayers and the prayers of my friends have been answered.


bipolar_girl said...

Good decision to switch to decaf. I've noticed that in myself, too so I cut down on the caffeine. It gives you a spike but crashes you just as fast. Hope we all get beete. Marja, what's the stimulant medication you take? Just curious. take care

marja said...

Desiree, I think you're on the same medication, though it's an unusual one, in this part of the world anyway. It's fluanxol. Don't you take that too?

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

I didn't realize you weren't feeling well. Glad to hear you're better. I also take a stimulant when I'm depressed, but I never drink coffee during those periods.

In my case, it's a natural aversion. When I awaken and feel stimulated, I don't like the taste of coffee, its acidity gives me a "bad stomach," and it makes me feel too wired.

When I'm "normal," it tastes great, although I limit myself to a cup a day. That's just because I realized that I don't feel well with too much java in my system.


Daily Dose said...

Caffeine never bothers me..I could drink it at night and sleep fine, I could drink it all day long and be fine.

Hope you are feeling better...I am trying so hard not to get into a slump...but sometimes it creeps up on us :)

Carol said...

It sounds like you're taking care of YOU, and that's a good thing, bipolar or not!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Marja I'm sorry to disturb you but Sarah needs help. She's suffering from a very severe attack of depression and has stated in her latest post that she's contemplating suicide on her birthday on October 26. She sounds so desperate. Please minister to her and let us all pray for her deliverance. Thanks. God bless and have a nice and blessed day.