Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catch up time

First of all: +PHc, Thank you for your caring words. My mom-in-law is not doing well at all - too weak to be up much. She is 96 years old and her life is slowly ebbing away. But her mind is crystal clear and she is not in pain. We will have to visit her lots in the next while.

And Cathy: It's so neat to have you visiting my site. So neat to have a Living Room member look in and take part. This EMPowerplus you speak of has concerned me a lot too. A few months ago I read the book Autumn Stringam wrote about it, A Promise of Hope. At the time I wrote a post about it. Personally, I would not change my therapy because I'm happy with the meds I'm taking. But I believe that for people who are not responding well to existing meds, this would definitely be something worth looking into. And yet I do think it's dangerous to make such claims about something that hasn't thoroughly gone through all the scientific studies. So many people with bipolar won't take their meds as it is. I just hope there won't be hundreds of people going off their meds because of this questionable promise. But yes, wouldn't it be nice if this miraculous cure worked for us all?

Now I must write to Sandi who left a comment on the last post. And for that I will devote a post of its own.

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+PHc said...

I'm glad your mom-in-law is not in pain, and that her mind is crystal clear. I hope she is in good spirits as much as possible and I hope you are too. It's so good that she has you to help her with that.