Saturday, June 13, 2009


Isn't it interesting how something dying can actually be quite beautiful - expressive? I photographed some dried up roses today because they said something to me. A person might think I'm depressed to take such pictures. But actually, I'm not today. Have had a good day.

Yesterday's Living Room was wonderful - at least, I felt wonderful being there with everyone. It felt like home. And though I was only leading a small portion of the meeting, it felt good to do so. Such a clear indication that God means for me to do this work.

I've decided to take a holiday from the organizing of Living Room for the summer months. But when asked, no one wanted the meetings to stop for the summer and most of the people at the meeting offered to help out - to make sure it keeps running without me. Good to know the group is so important to them.

I look forward to church tomorrow. My first service in three weeks.


Paula Joy said...

Nice to hear how things are going. Hope you enjoy your planning break. The picture is beautiful!!!

Love, Paula

Wellness Writer said...

Great photograph! I'm so glad you're feeling better and that the living room went so well!

Gosh, I wish you lived closer and could give me photography lessons. I shot a garden yesterday, forgot to turn the ISO to AUTO, and had left the WB on foggy from another day, and I'm just grateful I have Photo Elements or the whole assignment would have been a wash!


marja said...

Thank you for the good wishes and for liking the photograph. That encourages me.

marja said...

Susan, I'm happy that you, too, like the photograph. Maybe I'll post some more from that shoot soon.

Too bad those darn cameras are so complex, eh? So many things to remember.