Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm feeling remarkably better. And I know it's mostly due to the prayer I started praying a couple of days ago. I realized I had been trying to rid myself of my depression by my own power. Totally forgot that I couldn't do it on my own. I needed God's help.

Now I know it could easily come back. And maybe this is just one good day I'm having. And time I'll know what to ask God for, if I'll only remember to trust Him. I need to stay close to God daily.

Please don't think though that this means you can do away with the meds your doctor prescribed. Don't think it means you don't have to do all the other good stuff you need to do to keep you well, like exercising, getting plenty of rest, eating well, staying active, spending time with friends. You'll need ALL those things. We need to treat our whole selves: the physical, mental, spiritual.

And about that prayer: I wrote it in my last post but I have to say I'm embarrassed about it now. I've rewritten it and prepared copies with the picture of the sunflower for my Living Room crew. A cute little presentation. I rewrite it here, hoping that it will help you too, next time you're feeling dark and unable to free yourself from it.


I love you, Lord – you make me strong.
You are bedrock under my feet.
I know you are with me.
I know you can free me from the dark that keeps me captive.
Help me to let it go.
Help me to trust in your ability to loosen the chains.

I trust you and place myself in your hands.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for making me strong.

Yeah, I'm strong!
Through you, I'm strong.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Glad to hear that prayer is making you feel better.

In my case, it's gardening, which for me is a spiritual experience! I always feel close to God when my hands are in the soil, and I'm focusing on the wonder of nature!


marja said...

Hi Susan,

I could see that happen. I guess you can feed your feelings into the soil and gather back from it, eh? Communing with nature.

Love hearing from you.

Writing Works said...

I love how God drops little things into our lives that make a big difference!! He sends revelation to us through so many different ways - as long as we take a moment and feel it, and let it sink into our being.

I am happy that God talked to you in the way He did.

marja said...

Writing Works:

Yes, God does reveal Himself in so many ways. And it seems we need something new and different every time, as we go through different things. Wish it were always as easy as it was when I prayed this prayer, though. It's not always easy.