Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to work

We've been home from Greece for four days now. Good to be back. But I'm still handicapped by jetlag. Last night I slept from 10:30pm to 3pm. Just not enough sleep. It's been like that ever since we returned.

I'm happy to be back in my work. Happy to have been able to attend Living Room on Friday.

My mood has completely levelled off and I think I need to thank Greece for that. The light was so bright. And I had nothing to think about but wandering through the white-washed streets with my camera and eating and drinking in the outdoor restaurants. The food, by the way, was wonderful. Such variety!

But it's good too to be back to my work. I can only go so long without purpose in my life. I do love to care for people and to make Living Room things happen. Living Room is exciting. So many people coming to believe in it and wanting to start their own group.

While I was away I read a book that drew my attention to Isaiah 28:16. And it so much speaks to what Living Room should be built on:
I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem. It is firm, a tested and precious cornerstone that is safe to build on.

I've had this in mind all along, but somehow the way this verse is worded defines it so very clearly. Jesus is the foundation stone of Living Room. That foundation is firm, a tested and precious cornerstone that is safe to build on.

I hope to start posting more regularly in the next while. That will also give me an opportunity to share some of my pictures from Greece, as I do here. One of our favourite things to photograph were the many arches. This is a typical Cyclades street scene, one of hundreds we photographed.


Jane said...

Marja! You went to Greece! How amazing. I haven't been in touch for so long, and for that I am sorry. I have been wondering about you and I am so glad to hear you are doing well. The sun can be so healing, can't it? Anyway, I hope to stay in better contact now that I've found you again. You're such a special person to me. Hope you can visit my blog sometime- just one blog, don't worry (and it's the one linked to my name) Take care, Love, Jena :)

marja said...

Hey Jena!

So glad to hear from you. It's been such a long time. I peeked a bit at your blog yesterday, but want to spend more time. Sorry it's taken so long for me to respond. Still making music?

Love, marja